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I am trying to setup dual monitors on Windows 7 but having some issues doing so. I have tried with a VGA extension cord and also a splitter but am having the same issues. The problem is that both screens are working but are the same. In other words what ever is on screen 1 is duplicated on screen 2 and I cant get them to work side by side as one screen. I have right clicked desktop - screen resoulotion but only one diplay shown. I have also gone into the NIVIDIA setup multiply screens but only picks up 1 screen. When I click my display not shown or vigirous display detection it also cant pick up the screen. I have been trying to fix this for a couple of weeks and cant find a soloution. Can anyone assist, im loosing my hair
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  1. Easy one..
    If you have the correct Nvidia software you should be able to right click on your desktop and in the drop down click on "Nvidia display properties" - this will open a Nvidia window... about half way down there should be an option for screens, click this and to the right there should be a extend display's option, click this and then click ok and you should be rockin...

    Although if you don't have the software it's a little easier. In the search bar when you open start type "Display" now up the top somewhere there should be a display link with a screen next to it, click this and in this window on the right there should be a resolution option... click this and it will bring you too another page, halfway down this page when you have highlighted your secondary screen it should give you the option to extend your screens..

    Hope this helped !!
  2. When i right click there is nividia control panel but cant find any screen tab or extend screen option in there.

    Sorry how do i get to the search bar "display". Sorry i know its painful but I can be a little computer iliterate and having trouble woking out where your reffering to
  3. Yup Yup, almost there... the setting you are looking for should be under setup multiple displays, under that tab choose extend screens, or something along those lines. This option is under the display tab on the bottom.
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