Code 43 :Windows has stopped this device because it has reported...etc

hey im trying to sli 2 8800GT's but i keep getting this error on one of the graphics cards in the device manager i have tryed reinstalling drivers didnt seem to work
im using windows vista home 32bit

any ideas would be great :??:
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  1. Can you give more specs? What kind of motherboard?

    Can you give a specific error code? What does the message say specifically?

    Did you go to event viewer and find out what the system is reporting?

    I'm not sure what to tell you yet about that. I don't have experience with SLI, but I think there are some pretty specific steps you have to follow to make it work.
  2. It looks like you have a bad card, the same thing happen to me and I had to RMA it to EVGA. That's another thing that's great about SLI, I just took the one card out and ran two way SLI until I got the replacement card.
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