Can the Thermaltake V1 AX be put on both ways?

Hi, im new to this forum, anyways, i wanted to know if the Thermaltae V1 AX cpu cooler could be put on both ways because unlike most people, my case is small, and i cant fit the heatsink in with the fan facing the rear fan.
instead, i will have to have the side of the heatsink face the rear fan, but can i do this?
i kno some r able to

here's the review

and i already overclocked my pentium D 2.66 ghz to 3.3 ghz with stock heatsink, i plan to push it further with this new heatsink :o :o
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  1. Placing it depends on the flow direction of the fan. You can face it any direction as long as it's drawing cool air.
  2. ^Agreed. Most would say orient the fan to blow out the back, so your rear exhaust fan pulls the heat out.
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