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I lost my cd rom driver how can i get it back?

I lost my cd rom driver how can i get it back?
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    There are no drivers user loaded, the instruction is in the cd / dvd disk drive already from the factory, but when you load the OS, it has some included... these have been known to become corrupt or filtered...
    In case windows no longer recognizes the cd dvd disk drive, as if the disk drive driver were erased...

    left click start in the lower left hand of the screen
    left click run
    type regedit
    left click OK
    Now the registry editor will come up
    double left click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    double left click on SYSTEM
    double left click on CurrentControlSet
    double left click on Control
    double left click on Class
    double left click on {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    look on the right side of the window for upper filters
    right click on upper filters
    left click delete
    windows will then ask you to confirm deletion
    click yes
    look on the right side of the window for lower filters
    if you do not see lower filters, you may be out of luck on this one.
    right click on lower filters
    left click on delete
    windows will then ask to confirm deletion
    click yes
    Close all the windows that are open
    restart the computer

    In many cases that solution worked, in some cases setting the system back to a previous time, using system restore, was able to reset the system to the time before the system stopped recognizing the drive.

    In other cases, doing a repair install of the OS was needed. The directions are posted in XP forum, fourth post from the top.
  2. found this method was 100% effective!!!THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!

    I would have done a full reinstall but no cd drives so tried using a reinstall of SP3 but that didnt work,even tried using good windows files from my old backup hardrive and extracting all the atapi files and coping them into my current windows files(in the right places)and that didnt work even though it had no older files to overite?(weird)

    so after spending all day i decided to just type in a search for (lost my cdrom drive in windows xp)and found this site.

    The instructions given above about deleting the filters worked 100%!!

    cheers guys/girls
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