Problems with q6600 in playing simple games

so i overclocked mine to around 3.2ghz anything i go above that makes my system really unstable. When i load up my counterstrike game and play it use to play perfectly and my system is way above this old game and should be giving me everything perfect. i get 100fps even in 5 smokes , etc. But lately everytime a simple nade is thrown my fps (frames per second) drops dramatically. Its not my gpu as my settings are the same as before nothing changed. im guessing im overheating my cpu? when i use heavyload and speed fan during the 100% load i can see heavyload freezes once in awhile then keeps going and freezes for a second like the cpu cant handle it.

q6600 3.2ghz b3
evga gtx 280
evga 780i mobo
thermaltake v1 cpu cooler
replaced northbridge fan on mobo with 80mm antec fan
antec 900 case
4 120mm fan
1 200mm fan

gpu temp 45c
system 5-10c
cpu 31c
hdd 27c
aux 27c
core temp 40-50c underload
60-70c full load


please email me and tell me what is going on with my fps in game! i cannot figure it out no matter what i do. also is there a way to overclock more and make it stable? ive tried everything and im sure my case is pretty damn cool just dont understand why im getting such high temps.

email me
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  1. Whoa there, is 1.4v your voltage for the cpu?

    I have my q6600 at 3.2ghz on 1.175v

    Lowering the volts will definitely significantly reduce your temps
  2. What kind of power supply do you have? When the PSU cannot supply enough power to the components you get really bad performance. You might also think about dropping your OC a bit. That's reasonably high for a B3, and it may no longer be stable at your OC.

  3. irkjab said:
    Whoa there, is 1.4v your voltage for the cpu?

    I have my q6600 at 3.2ghz on 1.175v

    Lowering the volts will definitely significantly reduce your temps

    Right... that too. If you need 1.4v to get a stable OC then you're probably beyond where you should be OCing the chip.

  4. hmm i didnt know that was high. too be honest im not that great at oc i just followed a video demo on oc'ing and the guy had his at 1.4v. i lowered it to 1.2 i will check if it is better
  5. Also, what I didn't notice is that you have the B3 stepping Q6600. That could account for the temps. I'd try 3.2ghz at the stock voltage, then raise the voltage gradually if it isn't stable.
  6. ok well i got the voltage down to 1.26
    cpu 30c
    core 35c-40c

    full load
    cpu 40c
    core 55c-60c

    is that a weird jump or normal? is this still too high? maybe i should be thinking of lowering the oc to 3.0 ghz? i spent money getting the thermaltake v1 cpu cooler but i guess its not a good one =/.
  7. Those look almost identical to my temps. I guess you got a good B3 heh.
    You wont find many people here who will tell you those temps are too high, your cooler seems to be doing a fine job.
  8. awesome ty irk. now if i can only figure out why im losing fps in counterstrike -.-. im now hearing from evga people that it might be the driver of my 280 gtx gpu that is causing low fps in old games. what a hassle. high end card with crappy drivers. they told me to uninstall all drivers and downgrade to the old ones. so that is my new problem. thanks again for you guys help on ocing.
  9. for sure old game will start to be phase out in driver .. you got a beast and you play old game .
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