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I'd been browsing this forum for quite some time now, and I would like to say its one of the most informative forum I ever came across.

Long story short, I gave my old rig to my brother while it was still running fine. Rig spec were as followed:

Amd 4200+
2x1gig OCZ
Maxtor 250gig
Ati x1300 512mb PCI-E
Gigabyte g55sli-s4
Raidmax 450w

So I figured I'll help him out by pulling the x1300 and replacing it with a evga 8600gt. While I was at it, I'd also pull the 4200 and replacing it with a 5200+. This is where my problem started.

Everytime I try to install my OS, Window XP Pro, it'll make it all the way to the system file copy, then at any given random time during the copy, the computer reboots. I tried about 5 different copies and it all yields the same result. It'll either stops at any given point, or it'll just reboot. Any advice given will be appreciated.
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  1. First thoughts :
    1. Check the CPU support list for the board. It might be having issues with the new CPU.

    2. Something could be overheating. Recheck CPU heatsink mount.

    3. The raidmax PSU is not really a 450W unit and can't take the 8600gt's power draw. Is the 4pin pcie support connector pluged into the board?
  2. Did you replace both the CPU and video card at the same time or did you run the system for awhile after replacing the video card but before installing the new cpu?

    Do you mean you have the problem while booting your OS or did you actually reinstall it? If the latter, why were you reinstalling your OS in the first place?
    Did you do a complete reformating of the HD first, or just a quick reformat?
  3. Yep get a decent 500 Watt PSU, it should take care of your troubles.
    I like PCPower, and they have an excellent 500watt silencer series PSU.
  4. With a new CPU you should also update your BIOS and reset CMOS just in case.
  5. Yea, the 4-pin is plugged in. I replaced both component at once since I figured it was more convenient that way (have to take desk apart just to get to the computer). After formatting the drive, the disc will copy files onto HD, thats when the computer would reboot. Im only installing a new OS because I didn't want my brother's friend to get to my personal infos since he always have friends over and they uses the computer alot. I have a brand new Corsair vx550w laying around, probably give that a try. Thanks for all the advices so far.
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