Overclocking with 8gigs of ram

I've heard a few times now while reading around that overclocking with 8gigs of ram (4x2, thus maxing out most ddr2 MBs) is somehow harder.

Could someone elaborate as to why this is?

I'm asking because I currently have 8gigs of DDR2 with an E8500 (yes I know it's not worth it but I got the second set for virtually nothing so I figured why not).

On a related note, this system was my first serious attempt at overclocking and I left a lot of settings as they were. My motherboard by default set the ram ratio to 5:6 and I achieved a 4Ghz overclock with 9.5*421mhz.

Is it generally smarter to opt for a 1:1 ratio? Should I shoot for 1:1 with 8*500mhz?
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  1. Hmmm... I don't have the solution you may be looking for, but I think your best bet's to pose the question on this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/243708-29-overclocking-voltage-tutorial
  2. 4 ghz is pretty nice overclock, if it is running fine there, what more could you ask for?
    You wouldn't notice any difference on the memory speed thing, but before we can really answer, it would be extremely helpful to have the full specs of the memory you have, and the motherboard it is plugged into.
    "8gigs of DDR2" doesn't give us much to go on ya know.
  3. I'm not really asking because I want to push my overclock further; I am very happy with it. I'm asking more for curiosity's sake.

    Alright so according to that thread the ratio doesn't really influence performance at all. Does it improve stability in any way?

    I'm using the following MB / RAM combo:
  4. It all depends on what you want, and what your hardware wants to be happy.

    I run 8 gigs of 1066 also and have an E8400. I've done it both ways, first with a higher FSB (up to 520) and then raised the multiplier and dropped the the FSB. I'm at 460 FSB now and have been able to lower the NB voltage slightly. If your NB is happy and cool running at the higher FSB you will see a VERY LITTLE performance gain, but it's not worth cranking up the voltage just to get there.

    As for the Ram, YES with all slots populated it is more difficult to get really high OC's. You can adjust the RAM SKEW settings if the ram is giving you problems. I've had mine up to 4.410 Ghz. without a problem with the 8 gigs so if you wanted to go farther you should be good.
  5. Alright, thanks for the info. I guess I'll just leave it be :p
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