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I transferred all files from an IDE drive to a new SATA drive using Acronis True Image Home. The transfer included Windows so there is an operating system there on the new drive. I removed the old drive and tried to boot the new SATA drive. The system says there is not a bootable drive. The system does recognize the new drive and I can see the Windows XP and other data on it after booting from the old drive. Any ideas for a fix would be appreciated. Thanks. Dan
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  1. This is a very common problem when updating to SATA harddrives from IDE...


    You have to slipstrem sata drivers in to the windows installation you have..

    usually you'll have to insert them in to the installation disk (XP) but since you used acronis..... then I'm thinkig to install them on the working OS then do the transfer with acronis... this way your new hard drive will be reconize when booting...

    here is how..
  2. Go into the BIOS and change the boot device to the new hard drive.
  3. Assuming you got all the boot files copied in the image, I agree with crisppx. You XP install needs SP2 or SP3 to recognize the SATA drive. If you don't have it, you need to slipstream one, and do a windows repair.
  4. If you can't install the SATA drivers, go into the BIOS and switch the SATA ports to IDE mode instead of AHCI.
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