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I recently built a new rig with a mash of new and old parts. I tried to work around a Athlon 64 5000+ Black due to its overclock ability and came up with this:

Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black OC'd @ 3.05ghz
PNY 7900 GS
Arctic Cooling heatsink+fan (I dont really have any temp issues)
Gigabyte GA-M757SLI-S4
2GBs generic DDR2 @ 699mhz
Rosewill Performance PSU 550 watts

I recently ran a 3DMark06 test and got a score of 4274, which came up pretty low for similar configurations. I can't get my processor to overclock at the speeds Tom's guys can for some reason, its very unstable for gaming with the multiplier above 15, and thats with the voltage upped to 1.4.

Any tips, tricks? I think I can squeeze a bit more out of this build.
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  1. if your temperatures aren't getting very high, then it's likely a stability issue caused by the motherboard. Also, the 7900GS is one of the main reasons for a the low score. also try o'cing the ram.
  2. if your having problems with stability after OCing the ram i would look suspiciously at the rosewill psu
  3. Yeah, straight up I hate new and old mixing, their are always ALOT of compatibility issues with it, also rosewill PSUs are quite frowned upon as it is, OCing won't be doing it many favours.
  4. OC the gfx
  5. Bad bad psu choice man! That is all I wanna say. You should have bought something better.
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