Old CPU to an new motherboard?

Hi, this is my first thread. I'm having a little trouble here, my old moterboard (GA-X38-DQ6) desided to die on me last week so I had to buy new one (GA-X48-DS4) and it just arrived today.

Okey, I've removed everything of the old board exept the CPU (Intel Q6600), and I've taken it out of the case as well.
Then it's just the CPU.
I was just going to move it over to new board but I'm not sure about the thermal grease, there is a grease on it now after last install but what I was thinkin' was:
Don't I have to clean the old one off and put new one in stead?
And how is the best way to clean it off?

If it does matter, I bought a new Zalman CPU fan along with the new motherboard, so I'm also changing from the Intel fan to new Zalman fan.
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  1. Yes, you have to clean the CPU before re-installing it. Use iospropyl alcohol, at least 91% concentration and a lint free tissue. Let it dry completely before applying the new paste. You don't list the model of Zalman fan. If its the 9500 or 9700, its fairly good, though a bit expensive. Some of the other Zalmans are only average and far too expensive for what they do.
  2. Hi, thanx for the quick response, then I'll clean it.
    The fan is the 9500 from Zalmann.
  3. The 9500 will be fine. I have the 9700 and it keeps my Q6600 at 32c idle and 50c under load and it is OCed to 3GHz.
  4. Oki, thats good to know, but can use a liquid other than isopropyl to clean the cpu or any liquid that has it in it?
  5. There are thermal grease cleaners but the 91%+ alcohol is suggested as it removes most of the grease.
  6. Window cleaner has always worked for me
  7. eggibm said:
    Oki, thats good to know, but can use a liquid other than isopropyl to clean the cpu or any liquid that has it in it?

    Stick with the isopropyl alcohol or a commercial grease cleaner. Many other products that have alcohol also have various compounds in them that are not good for CPUs.
  8. ainarssems said:
    Window cleaner has always worked for me

    Um other additives that will be bad. I suggest you stop using that.
  9. don't clean it. dab some toothpast on it and leave the old thermal greese. Toothpaste also works.
  10. Never had any probs with window cleaner. Removes fat, grease, fingerprints, ect. Buy the I would not suggest window cleaners that contain vinegar( or other acids ), might cause corrosion, but others work just fine. Also have been using acetone , toluene, degreaser as used for car s befor painting and other stuff, but the thing is that window cleaner is always to hand and it works.
  11. Oh, yeah ! About toothpaste, I am sure it works, probably not as good as AS5 but You get mint smell from PC as a bonus . Only thing is I can bet it dries out quickly and You will need to change it every 2 weeks or so.
  12. Be sure to use mint toothpaste. They always advertise the mint as leaving a "cool" sensation. I'm pretty sure that "cool" is a good thing. Yep... mint... the only way to go.
  13. Clean old grease using a soft textile and surgical spirit (alchool) .
    Mix a bit of mineral oil (1 tiny drop) with toothpaste. It's working great!
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