Core i7 920 Overclock FAIL.. after long power off

Hi Everyone,

I have a Core i7 920 with a Gigabyte ex58-UD5 Motherboard.

I spent the weekend working on a moderate overclock and was pretty succesful. I got it to 3.2 and then 3.4 pretty easily. I decided to stick to 3.2 as i figured that was "plenty" of OC for my needs. The wierd thing is that when i leave the system off over night or for a long period, it fails to boot with the new config, then defaults back to the fail-safe config. It's almost as if the system has to be "warmed-up" to boot with the overclocked config.

The basics of what i did was just up the BLCK and then fix the voltage at about 1.12 or so.

any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. do you mean 1.21v?
  2. I had a gigabyte x58-ds4 and therefunny about overclocks they will pop the fail question a lot but most time you can justbypass it if its stable operating
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