Wireless access point provide Internet connection?

Ok i have a wired network using a cable modem, router that hook up to 3 computers. There's still an opened port left on the router. So my question is if I bought a wireless access point and connect to the open port of the router, then get a wireless pci adapter and hook up into another computer. Will that computer get Internet access? or just network access?
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  1. It should have no problem getting Internet access...as well as network access.
  2. how come I did that , but it only detected the signal and the signal was strong too. But the Internet didn't work
  3. Can you ping the router IP? If so then it's probably a DNS issue. ipconfig /all from a command prompt and paste here if you can ping. If not, then start troubleshooting that.

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  4. Ok, tomorrow im going to get an access point agagin and try again, and i'll let you know, thx .
  5. Nope I didnt get it to work. So I made another post, plesae help me out, thanks.
  6. With the prices going down and standards getting better why not replace the existing router with a wireless one. I just installed a linksys G wireless router and everthing works very well. Reliable signals at 54MB and full network access. My router allows up to 4 wired connections and lots of wireless. (it says up to 255 connections but i wouldnt put more than 6 on a peer to peer.

    good luck.


    PS the linksys way about 100.00 canadian

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  7. if the computer also has a wired adapter, run ipconfig (or winipcfg if you are using win98), release the IP of it, then renew IP of the wireless adapter.that is what i did when i experienced the same problem.
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