P5Q deluxe or P5Q3/wifi-ap deluxe

Should i get the P5Q deluxe or the P5Q3? Is it worth the extra 30$?

and i was wondering if i went cross fire with one of these, would each graphics card be x16 for PCIe or x8?
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  1. If you are going to crossfire, get the x38 or x48 mobo.
  2. i know im not going crossfire but im just asking.
  3. I am pretty sure from my own research that if you put em in crossfire they get reduced to X8.
  4. It's fine if your are running at resolutions under 1920x1200. The x8 is still PCI-E 2.0, so that mitigates the effects somewhat. There are only a few frames per second difference at 1680x1050 in most games, when you compare the x48 to the P45.

    ALL P45 boards that have dual PCI-E run at x8 in crossfire mode.

    If you were going to go that route I wouldn't get a DDR3 board. The memory is more expensive and there is no performance gain.

    A P5Q Pro or -E will save you cash and deliver the same performance. If you have a very large monitor or need bragging rights, get an x48.
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