!!!HELP!!! Overclocking my agena 9600

OK, This is my first overclock, I have read every forum out there but nothing works, I have an agena 9600 and all i want is to hit 2.5Ghz stable. I cant get windows to load by just changing the multiplier, but it's not stable. I have tried adjusting the FSB, and it's still not stable. I have loosened my RAM timings, increased voltage all the way to 1.5V with no stability increase. I've disabled the TLB and still notta... HELP!!!! :)
-Antec Basic 500w PS
-Phenom 9600
-Asrock 780 GXE MOBO
- 4GB OZC PC-8500 RAM
-500GB Seagate Barracuda
-Sapphire 3850
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  1. Sorry new to this forum, and I didn't spell check my post. I can get Vista Business (32-bit) to load at 2.4Ghz from either adjusting the FSB or the multiplier, but it's not stable. I have tried AMD Overdrive with the same results. I know the 9600BE is not a good overclocker, but I've seen multiple cpu-z shots at 2.5Ghz so any help would be appreciated, thanks!
    P.S. CPU temp is 40C
  2. try adjusting the voltage to the fsb. sometimes called vtt

    then up the voltage on the northbridge.

    those are the simple things i can think of off hand. I built a rig for a friend with that CPU and got 2.7GHz stable on a Biostar 780g. list the options youve got in your mobo. some are seriously hindered. ie i never figured out how to adjust timings on the biostar board, which sucked cuz id gotten him ultra low latency RAM
  3. what do your temps look like? Id gotten a huge cooler for my friend and his idled at 33*C and never went above 55*C load.
  4. I use Everest in my sidebar, I idle at 40*C and hit 56*C load, I just can't figure out why I can't hit at least 2.4Ghz.....I don't know if it's a bad chip, but I'm stumped :( Any help is always welcomed
  5. I do not have a FSB voltage adjustment, my NB voltage is set at 1.3v, stock is 1.25v, my mobo has some pretty decent options, i.e. DRAM V, CPU multiplier, NB Multiplier,NB V, HT speed, and all RAM timings. I've literally been at this for days trying every combination with no stable results.... :(
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