Computer freezes on loading screen for WoW

Parts are:
Abit IP35 Pro
Intel Q6600
Samsung Spinpoint 7K 32M 750 GB
WD 7K 16M SATA2 750 GB
G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000)
Corsair 520HX
Samsung SH-S203B (CD/DVD-RW)
Antec Nine Hundred
Vista 64 sp1

I put together this computer about 5 1/2 months ago. The computer would periodically freeze while I was downloading a torrent. It would also randomly freeze in other instances, but rarely. However, as long as I avoided downloading a torrent, it would be fine. As a result, I didn't really try to diagnose the problem and essentially ignored it.

Recently, I tried to play WoW again. However, I couldn't because the computer would freeze at the loading screen. I had a similar problem with a new build several years ago and it was because my RAM configuration was in the wrong. I checked the manual again, and lo and behold, I had the RAM in the wrong configuration. I switched out the RAM and placed it correctly based on the manual. Tried to play WoW, and it would still freeze. Took out 1 stick of RAM, and left only 1 stick in. This time it didn't freeze on loading. Played for a few hours. No problems. Thought maybe the issue was one of the RAM was bad.

I ran memtest on both sticks of RAM individually. Multiple passes and no errors found. Ran Memtest with both sticks of RAM in, no errors. Any suggestions as to why computer would freeze with 2 sticks of RAM, but runs fine with 1?

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  1. Not always the ram. It's usually software, sometimes config, and rarely hardware.

    WoW & memtest don't mean jack. No stress-test can guarantee 100% stability. We try. 95-99% would be pretty stable.

    Leave one stick of ram out & download random torrents for hours. If you can produce the same stability, you might eliminate other variables. Again, with this config, you can be sure the pc is stable at those 2 tasks. In this case, you can try swap ram slots to the other one & maybe upping the vdimm to 2.1v or the specs, then try both sticks of ram.
  2. Put in both sticks. Configure the memory as SPD (auto). Run Prime95 and test for errors. If that doesn't work, up the voltage. Rerun Prime95 and test for errors.
  3. Its your PC rebelling against your WoW playing and torrent theiving ways!!! :kaola:

    Can you bum a coupla sticks of RAM from a friend? Throw those in and see if your having the same issue. That may fix your issue. However, if you still have the same issue, I would suspect a mobo issue in this case honestly. If your RAM works in one slot but not the other, thats what Im leaning toward. Hopefully your mobo is under warranty.
  4. Your ram probably is undervolted. Thats why 2 stciks have trouble and one dont. Bump your DDR2 voltage up .1-.2 volts higher the spec.
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