Q6600 overclocking question

Okay so heres the basics's
Asus Rampage Extreme(picked up for 250$ from newegg)
Muskin ddr3 pc-12800 at 8-8-8-20 1.9 volts
Corsair TX750W
Q6600 with OCZ vendetta 2 cpu cooler with scythe 110 cfm slipstream and an antec tricool screwed into that fan with artic silver 5 (yes the extra fan helps)
Antec 1200
4870 512mb

My goal is to get to 3.6 ghz at 400*9 which from what i gathered is pretty possible, although i have come to the understanding that since my chip has a VID of 1.325 i will need over 1.5 volts, it will boot no problem at 3.6 but either freezes or fails pretty much instantly when running prime 95. Right now i am running stable at 3.48 and here are my settings
CPU Voltage: 1.5
Load-Line Calibration: Disabled
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.5
FSB Termination Voltage: 1.4
CPU GTLVerf (0): +40mV
CPU GTLVerf (1): Auto
CPU GTLVerf (2): +40mV
CPU GTLVerf (3): Auto
NB GTLVerf: +30mV
North Bridge Voltage: 1.6
i know the reason it isn't working is because of vdrop and vdroop, at 1.5 in the bios the voltage drops to 1.45 in windows, then all the way down to 1.35 when prime 95 is running
Basically my question is if enabling load-line calibration will be dangerous since it will hike up the cpu voltage, or does it only increase the voltage when it needs it?(when cpu is on full load), or if increasing the cpu voltage any more could be dangerous
As of right now at the above settings my temps are around 27c idle and dont go above 52c on full load(hover around 45c during a couple hours of crysis) im not exactly sure if raising any of the other voltages could help and would rather not kill the chip trying to find out.
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  1. honestly just go to 3.2ghz as thats a very safe overclock, and the difference between 3.2 and 3.6 is not much at all!
    play safe and stay 3.2!
  2. Or 3.3 GHz (367MHz X 9).
  3. yeah i think im just going to tone it down to 3.4, considering i want this chip to last awhile, i could keep it at 3.5, but your right, its not that big of a difference for the extra volatage i have to add
  4. okay its at 3.4 with a voltage of 1.475 which i plan on lowering until its stable, right now its been going on prime for almost an hour max temp 52C, so basically my question now is if voltage or temperature is a bigger factor in making the processor last longer, because my temps are obviously fine, and if this high of voltage is that big of deal ill probably just lower it to 3.2
  5. i think by the time ur processor dies, you would've upgraded to something better... keep it at 3.4.
  6. im running mine at 3.4ghz too :)
  7. if you getting temps of 56c at 3.4ghz that should be fine!
    keep it there no more!
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