Will this card work with my mobo?

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  1. Yes it will. I hope the rest of your components are up to snuff to support such a card. Have fun!
  2. Yes sure it will.

    But that is an old mobo model.

    I have a better card suggestion

    Try ATI HD 4850, suggested mobo 790FX from MSI

    Priced at $199 yet faster than that of your current choice or faster than 9800GTX

  3. EDIT:
    Ok I decided to go with the 4850

    here is my current setup I built this compute1-2 years ago
    MSI K9n Platinum
    AMD AM2 Athlon X2 3600 1.9ghz
    4gb DDR2-800 Memory
    Antec 500w PSU

    Is my setup fine to work with this video card?

  4. Yes the list would be out dated, as the new 4850 has just been released.

    Get the 4850
  5. is there a specific manufacturer to go with? sapphire, diamond.. asus?
    like which one is the best?
  6. Synthetic benchmarks aren't everything. Game performance is different for every rendering engine. Unreal 3 Engine and Cryengine are examples. Take this into account when you decide.

    4850 performed better on most other game engines though.

    As for "manufacturers," they're actually just distributers at this point. The cards are made on the same factory floors, and sent to distributers such as Sapphire, Diamond, and Asus, where they past on different stickers. You have to wait a few months for non-reference cards to come out.
  7. really only looking forward to playing starcraft 2 and warhammer online
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