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I've got a desktop and several laptops on my home network. The desktop is running Vista Home Premium, one of the laptops is running Vista Ultra, another is running Vista Home, a third is running XP and a fourth is running Win 2K. For some reason the Ultra machine (only) cannot see the Public folder on the desktop. It used to work but now it doesn't. I've checked that sharing is turned on and network discovery is turned on, the network is private, the workgroup name is the same on all computers, everyone's running in administrator mode, etc.

I created a new user on the laptop in question (which is a pretty new Lenovo X300) and that user had the same problem. What could be going on?


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  1. Well your desktop is Vista Home which I think only allow 5 connections (I could be wrong with exact number, I know XP home is 5), which doesn't always mean you can have 5 PCs connected to it at once as sometimes a PC can use up multiple connections and when you disconnect it doesn't always release the connection straight away. Could not be that but I have seen similar where it was that.
  2. There are almost never five connected at the same time, usually two or three. But I know it's not too many connections, because we rebooted numerous times on both ends of the connection, which would have released any lagging connections.
  3. create a shared folder on the x300 and see if you can access it from the other machines.
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