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I have a dell XPS 200 that im stripping the parts out of to build a custom pc. I have a certain case I am going to buy here But I need help picking out a motherboard that will fit it. The processor that I am using is a Intel Pentium D 2.8 GHZ and the ram I think is ethier 533 or 667. I would like the price to be between 1 to 100 but if the one you find is more that will be find.
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  1. P5Q is a good mobo. What's the budget? I would consider upgrading the cpu. The Core 2 Duo or Quad line will be faster. What is the custom pc going to be for?
  2. Check out the RC-690 and the NZXT Tempest at newegg. They are in the same price range as that Ultra Grid and have better cooling.

    MB: GA-EP43-DS3L. It has PCI-E 2.0 and FSB 1600 and still under $100.

    Edit: if you can afford the extra $35 for the P5Q (newegg prices) go for it, it's worth it IMO. It adds RAID, one more PCI slot, 2 more SATA ports, Firewire, eSATA.
  3. Remember to not reuse the dell power supply in your new system or it will destroy your mobo unless you get the dell to atx 12v form factor converter
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