9600GT vs 8800GT

Building my new gaming PC, came to a hard decision. 9600GT or 8800GT?
NCIX has them at the exact same now so price will not be taken into account for this. I know 8800GT does outperform the 9600GT but I have some questions before I make a purchase.

1. Is 8800GT more future proof because of its stream processors ect.
2. Will the release of new drivers make the 9600GT faster?
3. Which one consumes more power?
4. Is the 8800GT also a single slot solution?
5. Which one runs better in SLI?

If you know anything else about these two cards please let me know.
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  1. they perform almost the same.


  2. 9600gt on lastest driver, iam switching to 8800gt and regrets it, buy 9600gt & dig in for awhile
  3. If you can afford 8800GT then go get the 8800GT.
  4. Spotless, are you sure that the new drivers make it faster than the 8800GT.
  5. I think about buy one of these card to my computer. I buy few days ago power supply 480w :) little bit to mutch i Think :), but one thing wondering me does my packard bell "istart 2311" will run geforce 9600gt or 8800gt. Back to the topic I think boath cards are the same if I have to choose I will choose 9600gt brand new on the market, dx10.1 and the price is almoust the same.
  6. 9600gt doesn't have dx 10.1.

    In fact, the 9600gt is built on the SAME CORE as the 8800gt is. So to make it easy for you, pretend the 8800gt is a 9 series card (let's say, for giggles, a 9700gt.)
  7. OMG so much delusion in this thread. 8800GT is superior to the 9600GT in every way, shape, and form. Unless you simply cannot afford it, go 8800GT or 8800GTS-512.
  8. Considering the price difference is $10 I don't know why you would choose 9600gt over 8800gt.
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