Intel Stock Pentium D fan running constantly at 2950 rpm?

i have my pentium d 805 (2.66ghz) overclocked to 3.2ghz with the stock fan, but even when running back at the factory setting, 2.66ghz, the stock fan is still running at nearly 3000rpm, and its almost like i have a vaccum cleaner next to my ear,
is there any way to turn it down? cuz im planning on getting this
a cheap replacement
i have a Asus p5rd1-vm mobo, not sure how to turn the fan down in the bios, but it has like Asus Q-fan :o :o

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  1. three things:

    - check the bios for fan speed options
    - download and try using Speedfan to regulate fan speeds
    - buy fan controller.
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