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Hello all, I am using XP professional on this PC and it is having consistent blue screen errors and I am looking for assistance in tracking down the problem. I am aware I need to produce an error log for this forum to analyse - but I am unsure of the program to use to produce this. Could someone please provide me with the programs name or a link to it, and then follow up with the analysis.

Note: if I have posted this in the wrong section of the forum to recieve expert help, could you please let me know the correct section. Thankyou!

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  1. What is the blue screen stop error code? Bluescreens stop errors are most often caused by a problematic driver (video) or hardware (RAM). You might start your system in Safe Mode and let it sit a spell. If it does not bluescreen, the chances of it being hardware related are reduced. The likleyhood of the problem being a system driver increases because Safe Mode loads fewer hardware drivers than the deskop will.
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