Win Xp x64 and an Old IBM PC /Net Cam

Hey guys. i nstalled XP x64, most of all my external devices i can get 64 bit drivers for, but my IBM cam which is older, and to my knowldge discounted i've not found 64bit drivers for. so here's my question.
I still have the original CD, an di'm pretty sure that xpx64 came out while it was out.
Do i use the cd and see if it will install drivers, or is there a way to make the 32 bit drivers 64 bit?
here are the ID's (serial model and the like) for the cam, maybe someone else foudn or can lead me to what i need.

All Number ids are from teh original box
Serial - 620IB0an047489
IBM Net Camera

Thanks Again
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  1. Many companies never wrote drivers for Xp 64 bit and many wrote some that didn't work. Your best bet is to buy a cam that says it supports XP 64 bit.
  2. thanks for the idea mhelm, unfortunately "running out and buying a new _____" isnt an option being on a fixed income. any other thoughts?
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