Phenom II 720BE overclocking

Does it matter what motherboard you get? since the overclocking is based on multiplier anyways...
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  1. it helps if you have a mobo with a 790GX and SB750.
  2. Four Socket AM3 motherboards collide

    Although all four boards settled on the same maximum stable CPU speed, the M4A78T-E was the only one to get there without an accompanying increase in voltage
  3. and this just happens randomly? how does it make any sense if ocing is multiplier based? why would a SB750 be better than a SB700... etc etc
  4. You may want to reach higher overclocks by increasing the vCore and the multiplier.
  5. well, any crap motherboard will let you raise the multiplier... so you're just paying for the vCore increasing?
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