Disk read error press ctrl+alt+del

i was watching movie on my desktop hp vl420 p4 1.7ghz 256mb ram
suddenly light went off, at first it has restarted normally and immediately after two minutes again light went off but this time it show the message disk read error press ctrl+alt+del please suggest me the safe and permanent solution.

lakpa ( deadstrings19@hotmail.com)
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    1.7ghz 256mb ram

    Funny I was working on an incredibally slow laptop today with a very similar setup. First off, the system I have has a factory installed CD player, no DVD. Also, if XP has all the SP's and patches like mine, watching streaming video can be an adventure. So don't expect performance to be a strong point with a slow system like that. 256MB RAM is the minimum required for XP and that is with no SP's when it was released more than 10 years ago. With SP3 and fully patched 256MB wouldn't cover it. Don't post your email address on a public forum. It would take a while to get an email to you using that dog anyway.
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