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What is wrong with Acer 4230 when I switch it on it gives PRESS F2 TO ENTER SETUP. After the screen becomes grey and nothing happens to it. It can stay this way for hours and does not shut down unless I remove the battery. Nothing has happened to it. It started to "behave' this way all of a sudden. Please, help me. My e-mail to contact is ********@gmail.com
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  1. What happens when you press F2?, does it go into bios?, does it see your hard drive?
  2. what does bios mean? It become just grey, like usually computers become when they start on. But this screen is like this for hours. I tried to press f2 and all other keys, once it make a long beep sound. nothing else.
  3. someone suggested me to instal new windows, i tried to do it, but with no result. I can hear that CDRom is working, but the screen remains grey.
  4. If you have a long beep code from bios post, it's saying you have bad memory(ram)
    See below:
    You must get the hardware working before you attempt to get software installed.
    BIOS - Basic Input output service
    POST- Power on self test
    1 short beep all hardware is good
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