4 Pin Power Connector on Motherboard

I have a question that what is the 4 Pin power connector that next to the PCI-E x 16 functioning for? I am new for AMD system and I am going to build AMD system next year. Please help.

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  1. This might not be right but I THINK it's for when you use multiple graphics cards if the board supports ATI Crossfire. If you're only using one graphics card you don't need to use it. Check your motherboard's manual, but I'm pretty sure you only need to plug power in there if you're linking multiple graphics cards using both of those PCIe X16 ports.
  2. It is to provide extra power for the PCI slots. Your board won't be able to support full x16 functionality without the power connector. It won't break without it but it'll help tremendously if you do.
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