Embedded: ARM9 Microcontrollor based development kit ?

Hi, I am new to here so apologize if this thread is posted at a wrong place I am a student in a college, for an experimental project we shall need an ARM9 based development kit, with the SDRAM of at least 64M, ethernet, audio and LCD connection. I have been looking around for a long time and found nothing exactly meets my requirement. Does someone here has experience about this? would you plz give me recommendation? thanks a lot!

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  1. There are a number of ARM emulators that run under various 'nix flavors. Have you checked out any of them?
  2. Emulator? but I need a development board~

    Found one kit named MONO2410 yesterday at developmentboard.net. I think it would be perfect for me. The board is nice, it meets all of my requiremenst, and contains all the necessary accessaries. The company in China would provide me English instruction files, so I can modify it by myself in the future and learn more about the embedded things. And the price is really low, China alway has so many cheap things, maybe you guys should try this http://www.developmentboard.net next time when you need some boards.

  3. So what do you guys think of this board?
    I have bought it for one month
    and I got to tell you guys that this board is fantastic, I never expected a board with such a price would perform so damn good, but it does! so handy this board is that it puts our project two weeks ahead of schedule. unbelievable~
  4. No idea as most ppl. here don't do Embeded programing. Just curious, what was this project about btw?
  5. Hi shadow, it's for my master degree. I'm trying to build up a smart house model~
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