my computer freezes after plisssss!!!!

well this problem started when i was using my computer and out of nowhere it freezes and the mouse didn't even want to i turn it off and turn it back on to see if it was just an error but when it start it the programs it freeze again and restarted the computer a couple of time after that but it was freezing the same wat can be causing this problem?

thanx in advance!!!
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  1. Specs & software?
  2. Could be a bad Windows installation. Might want to check for Trojans, viruses and maybe do a Windows repair.

    Run memtest86+ and check for errors.

    Could be a faulty power supply as well.

    Waiting for your specs too.
  3. Boot into safe mode and see if the problems continue ...
  4. Sounds like CPU lock due to overheating; System Specs?
  5. If you see a furry tail sticking out of a fan slot, you'll know a rabbit crawled in there and stuffed things up.
  6. ahh yes, this used to happen to me too... strangely, after i Oc'd my processor, it stopped! lmfao

    just for reference i have a e4500 with win xp x64
  7. -.- WRU specs & other info?
  8. Strange... I had the same problem about a week ago. come to find out that it was my wireless network card causing the problem for some reason. As soon as I removed it no more lock up.
  9. Wisecracker said:
    Boot into safe mode and see if the problems continue ...

    Hey. I am having the same problem I am writing this in safe mode :/
    Windows XP. Cleaned registry only had 1 error and still with the problem...
  10. I had some random freezing issues with XP 64 myself, it isn't very stable on very many setups. Vista x64 on the same install was rock solid. Hence why it was never very mainstream. The best platform I have run it on is VM's. :)
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