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I have a computer that is running XP and a couple of days ago it started to type **************** all across whatever program you have open that will accept text, including the command prompt. No new software or hardware has been installed on this computer in more than a year and all updates are installed. When this started I changed the keyboard and that didn't help, I then unplugged every device except for the keyboard, mouse and monitor and it still does it. I have ran AVG and Malwarebytes and they find nothing on this computer. I am running out of ideas and am hoping that you can help.
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  1. Try uninstalling the keybard in the device manager, then restart the PC.

    Does it happen in safe mode?
  2. It is so random that I haven't worked with it in safe mode for any length of time. During the time I was running AVG and Malwarebytes in safe mode it didn't but I'm not sure that really tells me anything. This happens every day for that last week, some days it will happen once during the course of about 8 hours and on other days it happens 20 times or more. I will try and uninstall the keyboard and see what happens.
  3. Is it a wired or wireless keyboard?
  4. The keyboard is wired. I was originally getting sixes across the screen so I replaced a usb keyboard with a brand new HP ps2 keyboard and now get the asterisk across the screen. If when it is doing this I hit the 8 key then it will insert the 8 and go right back to ***
  5. My first thought the driver. Uninstalling the keyboard, and restarting will reinstall the driver.
  6. Well that was a good place to start but after a couple of hours it has started again. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. It does have a wireless mouse, could that have anything to do with it?
  7. No, the mouse wouldn't be interfering with the keyboard.

    If it's still doing it, boot into safe mode with networking. Just do whatever you normally do, but do it in safe mode with networking. I'd be real curious to see if it happens there.
  8. Well that didn't take long to test, as soon as it booted up in safe mode I opened up notepad and it started with the asterisk emediately.
  9. Well I tried this and this didn't work either. Got another ideal?
  10. About the only other thing I can think of, is it being caused by malware. You can run through the malware guide in my signature to check for that.
  11. I had already checked this computer for Malware and it was clean, that was my first thought. What I ended up doing is replacing this computer with another one that I had, once I did that I fired it up with all of the same peripherals that were on the old one and within minutes it did the same thing. With that I knew it wasn't the computer and there were only two things that had not been replaced or removed, the wireless mouse and the monitor. As strange as it is, it looks like it was the wireless mouse that was causing the problem, I put a ps2 mouse on and have not had the issue again and it's been a week.
  12. Hmm, that's really strange. I could maybe see that happening if they were both wireless.

    Well, I guess I stand corrected on my earlier statement, that it couldn't be the mouse. [:aford10:6]
  13. Second to the last place I would have looked, the monitor was next.
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