PC Boots - Monitor says no signal

I have a Dell PC. The computer comes on but the monitor says "No Signal" I can hear the computer booting up with the Windows sounds but can't see anything on the monitor.

What could it be?
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  1. make sure the cable from the monitor is connected properly to the back of your computer
    you probably have a vga cable or something
    if there is no signal, then no signal is being communicated between monitor and computer
    like i said, double check the wire, make sure its connected properly
    if you have a graphics card try connecting it there instead
    maybe the bios is set to the graphics card and not the motherboard

    if the wire is connected properly, maybe its in the wrong place!

    or you need to check the bios
    when u boot the pc, theres usually a black screen for a couple seconds that has some information is white font, says its a dell pc blah blah blah

    press F10 on your keyboard, or F9 or F5 to F10
    its common most pcs u just need F10 to access bios(if you see the bios screen), otherwise its definetely a hardware problem(physical) not a software.

    in my case i had to set the settings to PCI-E x16 because i installed a graphics card
    then i could see and i had signal
    maybe thats happened to you and the manufacterer or seller didnt put it in the right place who knows

    assuming you have a graphics card
    if you dont know what that is well i dunno man
    call dell
    good luck
  2. My worked before now it dont
  3. Is a black screen and it says no signal what to do
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