Browser Hijack - Wow!

My browser has been hijacked, and it's the most serious attack I have ever run across, it seems to be an 'intelligent' hijack program, it has shut down all anti-spyware programs from operating, it will not allow me to visit ANY website that is remotely RELATED to spyware removal, this puppy has me shut down cold.

I have tried to load up Malwarebytes onto a flashdrive and load it in that way, removing all traces of it's previous load, no luck, it will not allow it to run at all.

I've never seen such an aggressive hijack as this, please help!

I typically use Firefox, it has completely shut down IE8, Firefox is only so-so navigatable, and I was recommended to try Google Chrome, with no better resulta than Firefox.

Continual re-directs to bogus websites, and it will not allow me to visit any website that is spyware-removal related, and it has shut down various spyware programs from operating.
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