PCI-E Power Cable Incompatible with PSU?

So I just bought myself a brand spanking new ATI 4870 to replace my increasingly senile 7800GT...

Problem is, my PSU is an antec 550 neoPower and as, with the 7800GT, I didn't need the 6 pin PCI-E cables that came with the PSU, I didn't install them and have left them in my term-time flat (which is 100 miles or so away, so I'm not about to make the drive specially).

Thing is, I managed to scrape together another pair of PCI-E power cables. However, they are (as far as I've been able to work out), a pair of these: http://scan.co.uk/Product.aspx?WebProductId=680758, and when I've tried plugging them in to my system, it's just refused to power up. I understand that they're not made by antec, but surely there can't be that much of a difference between two brands of the same cable? :heink:

So my question is...is there any way of getting those cables to work with my PSU (I'm willing to do a bit of rewiring with them if need be) or will I just have to wait until I can get access to the original antec cables?

....or, alternatively, is there somewhere I could order the cables online? I'd really appreciate any suggestions...this is driving me nuts not being able to use my new kit!

Cheers, Graeme
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  1. Well the pins are yellow wires on one side black wires on the other...just like the pic in the link.
    Question is how old is that supply? It might have degraded to the point that it hasn't enough juice left to take you to the game!
    With that said the 4870 is a power pig...needs lots and 550 might be on the bare minimum side as it is....might want a new supply to feed that beast!
  2. This is what you need:

    PCI Express Power Adapter W/ 2 Molex, 6in

  3. Your power supply is on the recommended ATI list.
    I think you are just using the wrong cables for it.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.

    As far as not having enough power, it's fairly new, and, as you say, recommended by ATI. It seems that it just doesn't like the cables for some reason, even if I only plug then into the PSU and not the 4870 then it still won't power up (if i take them out then it just gives a standard 'plug the power cables into your graphics card' type message).

    As for the molex adaptor, it would be a solution but I don't have enough spare connectors! I didn't think I'd be upgrading my rig anytime soon, so all the spare cables from my PSU are sitting in my flat...I've only got one or two spare molex connectors which aren't being used by other components.

    Annoyingly, I can't find any antec power cables to online in the UK at all really...

    <edit> Could the problem be a difference in the number of pins actually used in the cable? All 6 are wired in with the cables I've got here, but from what I can see of the antec ones, I think they might only have 5 or 4? If that's the case then maybe the PSU recognises that and refuses to power up with them installed?
  5. Try requesting spare parts from Antec:

  6. Just ahead of you there:), sent them a message a couple of minutes ago, so hopefully they'll be able to sort me out with something.

    I just find it hard to believe that two brands of cable can be different enough to cause a problem...it's just some wires! (Perhaps a gross simplification, but that's how I see it!) It's infuriating when, technically, the bits are all there but just won't get along! I suppose now it's just a case of waiting, since I don't think the cables I've got here will be any use... :(

    Thanks again for all the help, hopefully shouldn't be too long until I get to see what all the fuss is about with these 4870's! :D
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