make me feel better about my recent purchase

so i just ordered, EVGA 512-P3-N841-AR GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail
for 229$.

then as i was trolling the forums i came across this, XFX GeForce 9800 GTX Video Card - 512MB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, SLI Ready, (Dual Link) Dual DVI, HDTV
for 200$.

i really dont want to hassel with returning the 8800 to buy this, can someone make me feel better about my decision for this card.
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  1. Retruning a 8800GTS 512 to get a 9800GTX ??? Dont do it!!!
    8800GTS 512 is a solid card and the difference between 9800GTX and 8800GTS 512 isn't much.
  2. Don't worry about fact the 9800gtx is just an overclocked 8800GTS ... you've bought a very good card.
  3. thats what it looks like but after thinking about it, faster newer cheaper, makes me feel a little had.
  4. Look @ the benchmarks, 9800GTX performs a little better than 8800GTS 512
    the difference isn't noticable.
    If u change your card and get a 9800GTX, u will be more disappointed by it,because u wont see a noticeable performance increase
  5. ahh, i havent even gotten it yet, still in mail, using a x800xl overclocked right now, god i cant wait till it gets here....
  6. the 9800GTX is just an overclocked 8800GTS, so the 8800GTS only loses out by only a little bit.
  7. If you DO want to change your card, you should change it to Radeon 4850 rather than 9800gtx.
  8. Welcome to the world of computer parts purchasing.

    Here is the good news:

    You are doing infinitely better than if you purchased your computer from DELL!!!
  9. The 8800GTS G92 is a performer. NiBiTor will allow you to permanently change core, mem or shader speeds with a BIOS flash so you can have permanent and stable OCing once you find the 'sweet spot'.

    The GeForce 9 series are placeholders and marginally better in some situations than an 8800GTS, the next step up after a G92 is a 384-bit bus with 768M of local memory with much faster speeds. Sometimes fast enough is just that.

    The real test is resolution: if you game at 1600x1200 or below keep the GTS, if higher get the faster card.
  10. bottleneck? im running a single core amd 939 3700+, 2 gigs of ddr2. how bad?
  11. I'm afraid yes it will bottleneck ur new graphic card. The rams ok, so u need to change ur cpu. I expect ur are in-budget so I suggest this

    And for ur new am2 socket mobo:

    Great overclocking cheap motherboard. Good luck.
  12. i think for another hundred bucks i should get the q6600 with a mobo in same price range. i think for the moment, the bottleneck is better than my current gfx card ati x800xl. then will get quad core and new memory with mobo. thanks everyone for advice.
  13. Or spend a little for a 939 dual core
  14. if u oc i suggest u return the 8800gts because the 9800gtx oc much more i have owned both cards but i would only switch if u oc.
  15. 9800GTX > 8800GTS


  16. DDR2 on a socket 939 board???
  17. The only advantage the 9800 GTX has is hybrid power, and tri-sli ability.
  18. ^+1

    As everyone has said, the 9800GTX is just a repackaged and overclocked 8800GTS. Performance difference is negligible if not nonexistent.
  19. Thats right^^

    to RizzyWho:
    U forgot to add this, the difference isn't noticeable :)
  20. I'm not gonna disagree with what everyone has said, but I think it would be utter stupidity to not return the card. What you would be doing is saving $30 (minus shipping cost) and getting a better card in return. It isn't better by a lot, but it's certainly better. I would get a EVGA or BFG GTX to keep the option of stepping up alive for awhile. For the record, my current 9800 GTX is at over 800/2000/1200, so it OC's pretty well.
  21. 8800GTS 512 is a solid OCer too
  22. The 8800 GTS 512 has been proven to OC better than the 9800 GTX. And tri-sli doesn't even scale properly in most games with the 9800 GTX.

    The Hybrid option is also very questionable, since its still buggy. It may work for power consumption purposes, but for performance gain...big fat no (unless you count the low end cards 8400 gs etc)
  23. ^Ummm, yeah isn't the 9800GTX a overcloced 8800GTS? So of course it won't overclock as well because its already been overclocked, its closer to the ceiling than the 8800GTS. :kaola:

    If you really want to return the card, you can always get the Radeon 4850, its been beating out the 9800GTX, albeit not dramatically but still at $200 its a good deal.
  24. no, Thats not what I mean, the 8800 GTS 512 broke the 800 mhz barrier, while the 9800 GTX didn't it maxed under the 800 barrier:)

    No ceiling in this other than the 8800s :D
  25. I sense suppressed roadrage somewhere here - and what a waste - a public performance of a little mistake. Own it, you did it - or you did your homework after the fact - own that.

    The 88 has a proven track record, the 98 is a little messy around the edges. Call it buyer's remorse and deal with it or forget it - how do you feel here and now?

    Your real fun upgrade is to simply add a dual core - cheap boost!!

    And you can take the vidcard with you into your next mobo cos it is pci xpresss.

    My personal serenity is worth more than 20 bucks.

    If you have the patience (which you have not demonstrated) do the swap. The real lesson is about hype buying with no research. Your little lesson here is a really good deal for 20 bucks. AND if this does not 'make you feel better', there's little hope. Your choices got you here, and your choices move you forward - have a nice day unless you have other plans :) :) :)

    It's YOUR move. Choose Peace :)

    ahhh grasshoppah, you learning nowww...
  26. invisik said:
    if u oc i suggest u return the 8800gts because the 9800gtx oc much more i have owned both cards but i would only switch if u oc.

    Did you own the GTS 512 G92 version? The 512 version is an overclocking demon. You can easily clock the core speed to 800mhz on these with the stock cooler.
  27. lol exactly what I said^

    the 9800 GTX just can't do it for some reason:)
  28. Because NV cards have been put in a cryo freezing chamber after the 8800 series :kaola: :D
  29. L1qu1d said:
    lol exactly what I said^

    the 9800 GTX just can't do it for some reason :)

    ;) Sorry, I should have read on down the page. I just got to that post about the 9800 overclocking so much better and went WHoaaaaa here a minute, this is simply not right.
  30. why is frostys the only one to have noticed?

    How on earth are you running ddr2 on a socket 939 board?

    don't worry, already know the answer - you're not!

    That means ur either running socket am2 (good, cos u can at least buy a decent dual core for it), or u r using ddr... complicated, cos if ur looking to upgrade your system then you'll have to try and find a socket 939 dual core, or upgrade ur board, ram, and cpu.

    As far as 8800GTS vs 9800GTX, unless you're going to Tri-SLI, don't bother. Yes, a 9800GTX at $200 is a better deal than an 8800GTS at $230. But unless you care about the $30 (and assuming you can actually get it back), not worth the trouble. The 9800GTX is just an overclocked 8800GTS. It's the same G92 core, and so roughly the same roof for clock frequency. This means that the 9800GTX is closer to its frequency limit than the 8800GTS, and if you overclock, they are essentially the same card.

    All of that being said, you're not even gonna notice, because your frame rates are going to be limited by your cpu, and by the time you get to resolutions where the faster card will make a difference, your games will be unplayable anyway. Stick with what u ordered mate ;)
  31. I'll make you feel better about your purchase.

    I bought 2 x 9800 gtx at $300 each 3 days before they went down in price to $199. I thought about returning them, but newegg charges me a $90 restocking fee, plus shipping, plus the hassle, plus the ones I bought are at 9800 gtx+ speeds, so I decided to just keep them.

    In any case, I will probably be pissed about this for the rest of my life.
  32. eckosof said:
    so i just ordered, EVGA 512-P3-N841-AR GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail
    for 229$.

    then as i was trolling the forums i came across this, XFX GeForce 9800 GTX Video Card - 512MB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, SLI Ready, (Dual Link) Dual DVI, HDTV
    for 200$.

    i really dont want to hassel with returning the 8800 to buy this, can someone make me feel better about my decision for this card.

    8800GTS(512) is an OC monster
    I OC'd my Asus from default 650/1625/1944 core/shader/memory to 765/1920/2200 without increasing voltage
    only increased fan speed from 30% to 70% idles at 40 and under load 56 Max.
    Combined with E8500 OC'd to 3.8 it scores 15050 under 3DMark06
    Some reached 830/2075/2200 at full fan speed but I did not try
  33. Congrats ^^ :)
  34. frostys said:
    DDR2 on a socket 939 board???

    that's what i was going to say...Hey can you tell us what motherboard you are using?
  35. ok i was mistaken, memory is not ddr2, but right now im pretty fixed on the 8800, the fact of the matter is, its going to be really hard to find a dual core 939 :/
  36. so this is what ive been able to come up, since i will NEED a new proc anyways.

    OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ2P10664GK - Retail - $103.99

    GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail - $224.99

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor Model BX80562Q6600 - Retail - $209.99

    Total - $538.97

    My choices ok? please advise
  37. If you want to spend that kind of money, then those choices are ok, but expensive.

    First off, unless you plan on HEAVY overclocks, ddr2-800 is ample, and last I checked significantly cheaper than ddr2-1066.

    Quad core unncessary for games now, and in the near to mid-future. Consider the E7200, it's $129.99, and will easily overclock to over 4GHz. Cheap, fast, runs cool, great all round chip. If you really want quad-core, than the Q6600 is a good choice in terms of bang for buck.

    Why are you getting an X48? That's generally only for eople planning to crossfire their ATi graphics cards. Please note than it will NOT run ur 8800 in SLI if you get a second one. As far as I can see, multi-card graphics are the only good reason for getting an X48, and that's not relevant to you anyway as you own an nvidia card. If you want to run SLI, get an nforce 780 or 680 board instead. If not, I'd suggest either a P35 or a P45 board. Cheaper, just as good for ur situation.
  38. excellent reply thank you, perhaps i should go with the E7200, as far the the memory goes, the ram i picked out has changed, ddr2- 1000 pc2 8000 for $84.00 here

    and the best ddr2 - 800 ive came across is this here for 79.00 here

    Is the five bucks difference worth it?

    As far as motherboards go, I heard asus still has problems with vista 64bit, Is this true?

    Can you link me some mobo's that can use E7200 but can also support the quad core, with memory standard ddr2 1000, I do plan to go SLI with my 8800 eventually, so PCI-E 16x x2 would be ideal. thank you for your time in advance.

    So i came across this board upon your suggestions, Supports quad for future proofing, only does ddr2 800 and only one pci-e 16x, for $115 bucks. Is this a solid board or should i throw in the extra cash to get maybe something with ddr2 - 1066 and (2) pci-e 16x slots?

    This is the board im considering for ddr2 - 1066 support please comment on choice

    GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Dynamic Energy Saver Ultra Durable II Intel Motherboard - Retail
  39. Don't worry too much about support for memory speeds on your motherboards, the only real point to those is overclocking. Other than that, running your memory faster than your front side bus will not result in any decent games.

    I actually own an EP35C-DS3R, and it is very good as far as I'm concerned. It supports DDR2-1333 if you're overclocking. The E7200 works fine in there, and overclocks like a charm. It does have support for quad core, but that's not an issue because by the time you want to buy a quad, Nehalem should be making Core 2 look like an abacus, so you will want a new motherboard anyway.

    That motherboard does NOT support SLI, but, NONE of the Intel chipset boards do, you need an nforce chipset for that. I don't personally like the nforce chipsets much, and afaik, you need to get a 780i to support 45nm quad-cores, and SLI at the same time (680i has some issues). Those are VERY expensive boards (although they do support tri-SLI). I personally wouldn't recommend bothering with SLI, because by the time u want to add a second video card, you could get a single card just as good as your SLI config for the same price (or less, if you take into account the uber-expensive motherboard).

    In a nutshell: get that gigabyte motherboard, with an E7200 (a nice heatsink if u wanna overclock like crazy), and if the DDR2-1000 is only a couple bucks more than DDR2-800, then go with that, cos it gives you a little more overclocking headroom. You should break 4GHz without too much trouble.

    Happy Gaming :)
  40. eckosof - really - you are turning a $20 problem into a $600 mistake. You are dancing recklessly on the bleeding edge of tek - but it's already a year old!

    My advice is get to that place of "I feel better". (as originally requested) (yes?)

    Find a 939 dually - new or used, who cares. AND take a year to do the research - ok 6 months - but you will be able to make an informed decision.

    There is no end to your approach of buying your way to the latest ego trip. I have been there, done that - it is not the way to happy person.

    The only way to solve a personal problem is to first own your problem, and realize that IT is not YOU. Having been to the mountain and experienced total forgiveness in the Light, it is easy to proceed in blissful Ffreedom, because you are free of all that worldly stuff. These are toys, dude!

    No matter what, every few months, the new-tek will be bigger-better-faster - you just check in where it serves you, not you serve it!

    Take time to relax and smell the coffee. You really DON'T have a problem, but switching to the intel path will teach you a lot of hard lessons! I can only tell you - I cannot make you stop and see. AND you can ignore this until it comes around next time (again). It's gets more dangerous every time it comes around. I spent years learning this - still do :) :)

    Find a used 939 for $20 and do "relaxed indifferent research in freedom from all concerns". Peace, bro'. :) It's called cutting your losses.

    I wish you well.
  41. ZootyGray, i see exactly where your point is going. i do however realize this is a prime opportunity to step up to the plate. I've decided to go with the E7200 and Gigabit mobo with 4gb of ddr2. For the simple fact that i can get everything for 300 bucks. So in the end I'll be getting a 8800gts (G92), E7200 and 4gb of 1066 ram and a decent mobo for 500 bucks. And in all reality, i think its time to upgrade the 3700+ single core, Kn8 ultra, 2gb ddr, ati x800xl system. I hate doin half ass work, so this purchase will give me comfort knowing ill be happy for the next 1-3 years. Expecting to ride the 939 train into the next generation of games is silly and not worth the trouble. Thank you to everyone who helped me. Couldn't have done it without you.

    I am also running dual monitors 22' wide and a 19'.
  42. Hey ecko

    I am pleased that you be feeling better. And I can relate to your approach, because I have a POS pronounced-dead HP junkoid mobo with a celery 2700 - haha - with onboard PCI-only (gasp) video and NO AGP slot - we are talking total garbage here :) And it has 256 megs of ddr - but I have a 1-gig pagefile on my 20-gig pata hdd. ROFL

    After I get my new rig, I am waiting for hazardous waste day at the local dump. :) LMAO

    So I am patiently wading through all this hype and rumour about the 4850 vidcards, thinking "cmon, technology, serve me well" :)

    But I am doing my homework re a new AMD solution, and this new 48xx vidcard says "realize this is a prime opportunity to step up to the plate". All I wanna do is play Crysis.

    Sounds like you have a new sense of direction. Have fun. :) Thanks for the ride, and best of luck w your new sys.
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