Finding Mobo good at performance and price

Actually Asus,Msi or Gigabyte better?for P45 chipset
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  1. I like Asus or Gigabyte for MoBo's of any sort. For low end... and I do mean low end, I've had decent luck with Foxconn.
  2. For less than $100 range get a P35-DS3L ($83). If you want P45 get a P45-DS3L or if you need CrossFire on the cheap side a P45-DS3R. On the high end get a ASUS Rampage or X48-DS4.
  3. P45-DS3R a good mobo but Asus P5Q Pro better?
  4. Just out of curiousity, whats the difference between a P5Q-E and a P5Q Pro anyway?

    I'm planning on getting a P5Q-E...
  5. P5Q-PRO AND P5Q-E got what difference?
  6. I don't really know that's why I asked.

    Shouldn't be much though. There both the same in the same P5Q lineup...
  7. sorry^^type wrong.
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