DDR2 latency/voltage questions

I'm working towards my first build which is based around a Q6600 CPU, Radeon HD 4850 GPU, and a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R motherboard. My intent is to overclock the system once I get it up and running.

I've been looking at memory for the board and want to put in 4 x 2Gb of DDR2-800 RAM. In reading through the threads, most push towards using CL4 RAM instead of CL5 which makes sense. However, when I look at RAM at newegg, all the RAM at 1.8V is CL5 and you have to go to higher voltages to get CL4.

I know that the DDR2 spec specifies min/typ/max voltages of 1.7/1.8/1.9V so I'm assuming the CL4 memory has just been spec'd at the higher voltage conditions. Should I stick with 1.8V RAM and try bumping up the voltage to reduce the latency, or should I stick with RAM that has already been spec'd at the higher voltages? If I go with the latter, how will it work at 1.8V?

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  1. What matters to me is how overclockable the memory is.
    A good brand is important also.
    I would go with the lower latencies if possible.
    Low voltage is not always an indicator of how overclockable the memory is.
    If you do overclock the memory, test it with memtest86+.
  2. I can't fnd many 2GB DDR2/800 @ 1.8V. Many say "1.8-1.9" or "1.8-2.0" which makes you wonder whether the specs can be achieved at 1.8. Kingston ValueRAM says 1.8 on one spec sheet but 1.975 on another.

    What did you find?
  3. Over clocking voids your warranty and is not recommended.
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