Poll : Best design HD4850's sticker, Card and Package

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1. ASUS EAH4850 (512 MB)

2. ASUS EAH4850 (1 GB)

3. Club 3D

4. Diamond Radeon HD4850

5. GeCube

6. GigaByte

7. HIS

8. MSI

10. PowerColor

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  1. 9. Palit

    11. Sapphire included a 2GB pen drive in the package

    included a 2GB pen drive in the package

    12. VisionTek

  2. Diamond for me!
  3. Sapphire here, and look at that sticker!
  4. I vote Diamond too.
  5. Diamond & Club3D looks nice...
  6. Sapphire, Im a loyal customer
  7. still a fan of that Asus girl. haha
  8. Diamond looks sweeeeeeeeeeet. Club3D has the nicest box overall, has the apple look.
  9. aznguy0028 said:
    still a fan of that Asus girl. haha

    When are they going to make her naked? :lol:
  10. I like the diamond card, its got a freaking skull on it.
  11. Another vote for Diamond.
  12. asus :)
  13. luv the girl in powercolor.. a true sexy warrior :p
  14. i voted diamond, but i meant to do MSI!!!
  15. I know which one I *don't* like... the Gigabyte. That's a *very* awe inspiring shade of purple [/sarcasm]

  16. I vote club, it knows it rocks and doesent need a fancy ho, or skullz...lol
  17. Sapphire then HIS for its bonuses
  18. Gecube has my vote !!!..and spotless..we vote the preaty pictures..not the pakage :P
  19. Asus for me as I prefer custom coolers (as long as they are more efficient)
  20. may i say something?

    does it matter wich brand you get when getting a 4850. because that red plastic thing over the gpu is on (almost) every brand the same. like that bronze cooling vin thing. does it realy care? i'm not talking about suport. and i like the diamond one!
  21. MSI! Because it is the one I bought :D
  22. EXT64 said:
    MSI! Because it is the one I bought :D

    aaah, that explanes it! it's your photo on the msi one!

    i like your eyes!
  23. Diamond not available in my Country (Thailand)
  24. i like the Club 3D packaging and sticker. I ordered the HIS version though. that one is cool. it comes with an LED screwdriver :D
  25. Sapphire... though at newegg you can get the MSI one that comes with the Witcher.

    The Diamond one looks like crap imo. I have no idea what kind of skull that is on it. I'm sticking with the classic ATI red.
  26. msi, powercolor is the same? only diamond and asus don't have the same 'silo' things colored in blue, white and red
  27. oh! I forgot Force3D.

  28. they all look the same
  29. they all do look pretty similar at this point, and the asus 1gb i don't believe is out yet. But i like the unique purple sticker on gigabytes board. simple, odd color, I'm sure they'll come out with a good looking blue board to match their motherboards soon. Why is it nobody makes a green pcb? or a purple pcb for newer graphics cards? either would be a good contrast/compliment to a case with green lighting.
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