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I have a laptop which goes to a black screen after the windows logo, it won't load to desktop, all I see is a black screen, and white mouse cursor. I can't enter in any of the safe-modes either, and when I boot with my repair disk, I chdsk and nothing changes, and it doesn't let me run sfc /scannow because 'Resource Protection Could Not Start The Repair Service'. If anyone could help out I'd be so grateful. I've got a Window Vista 32-bit by the way!
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  1. I'm having the same issue. A quick fix is to Ctrl+Alt+Delete and open task manage and then open a folder and the Windows explorer will launch.
  2. I was having the same issue, and it turned out it had to do with four executables named T3vis.exe, dungeon.exe, colorcubesviz.exe and blazingcolorsviz.exe

    Run ccleaner, and go to tools > startup > scheduled tasks
    and delete the four entries related to those exe files.
    It would also be a good idea to run the registry cleaner as in my case there were also issues related to those files.

    I realize this thread is pretty old, but this issue is still occurring for many people and hopefully this helps.

    I don't know the origin of those files, although they supposedly belong to the microsoft corporation and windows 2000, I have a hunch that it is malware with forged signatures.
    I am running windows 7 ultimate and to my knowledge those files do not belong in my OS.
    The only thing I can think of would be the classic pinball game that I installed which was from those days back in 2000 and xp, and maybe this malware was packaged into that install or it is a legitimate part of windows 2000 and when installed on newer operating systems creates bugs.

    This is all conjecture though, but all I know is it seems to have solved this issue.
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