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hi, I'm looking for some resources on how to light up my case w/ LEDs. It's for my next computer (that will use an antec 900), and I want to be able to use the parallel port to power up different colors/sections from my computer.
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  1. Order some "Cold Cathodes". They use molex connectors, and they're BRIGHT.
  2. Yeah, Cold Cathodes are awesome.

    Thats my case with two blue cold cathodes. Two Purple ones light up to bass :) Cost under 10$ for all 4 lights @ newegg. Look up Logisys.
  3. pretty cool, K, now i've read some about cold cathodes and they seem cool too, but what I'm especially interested in is being able to use the serial (or parallel, don't remember) port to light them up through software, is that possible w/ cold cathode?
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