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I am looking for a NAS to attach to my small home network (100M - may upgrade to Gigabit soon). It must have a very small footprint, be quiet when running and be capable of at least RAID-1, prefer RAID-5.

I am hoping to use it as a file server that I can store my work on as the primary copy. I would also like to back up to an external USB HDD.

I have a laptop that has dual boot XP and Ubuntu running on it and would like to access the files with either of these clients.

Can anyone recommend a solution?
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  1. mackembob said:
    Can anyone recommend a solution?

    The diskless system is $499 (add your own disks)

    Using these:

    2 drives will get ya 1 TB of "safe storage" at a cost of $180
    3 drives will get ya 2 TB of "safe storage" at a cost of $270
    3 drives will get ya 3 TB of "safe storage" at a cost of $360

    Bought mine when it was the Infrant NV+ before Netgear bought them out. Have had it for 3+ years and no issues w/ it or the drives as yet other than a failed power supply. Netgear cross shipped a replacement unit (entire unit) so was down only over the weekend.

    I'm using their proprietary X-RAID allows HD's to be hot swapped.
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