Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?

Sorry if im in the wrong section...talkin bout two different components.

Anyways yea, i have an amd athlon x2 4000+ at stock clock of 2.1 Ghz, and an asus radeon hd 4850.

I was wondering if my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu. In crysis i can play at around 30 fps everything on high (high as in the very high settings using the fix) I do go way lower at times like 10-15 ish when im looking at lots of geometry or w/e. I was wondering if this was cuz of my gpu or my cpu. (or just becuz no hardware can play this game)

Also, I was thinkin of overclocking my cpu a bit to see if the bottleneck that i believe may exist can be stopped. Any thoughts or comments?

Thanks, help is much appreciated
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  1. Depending on your resolution, that proc can certainly be slowly down a 4850 by a significant amount.

    Though Crysis is hard to tell from, as it's having problems with the new Ati cards (hotfix helps, but catalyst 8.7 should fix)
  2. i dont think so
  3. Your CPU will have a big chance of bottlenecking it. Getting a faster one (6000+) or OCing that one to a higher clock would benefit you more.
  4. hmm, does the hotfix really help that much? if so i mite try it.

    Also i was thinkin of ocing, but how much shud i try to do it. i have stock everything and i just wanna remove the bottleneck. i was thinkin somethin like 2.4-2.5 ghz if thats reasonable, any idea? thoughts? thx

    Oh i play at 12*10 resolution
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