Free agent pro 500gb vista issues

The issuing I am having is that Vista is no longer seeing/recognizing my external hard drive. I have plugged the hard drive into two different laptops and a desktop. The USB ports are working properly. I downloaded the software tool from Seagate but it crashed my laptop. I had to re-image my laptop. I just want to recover my data from the hard drive. I have e-mailed Seagate but have not yet received a response.
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  1. You may have popped a fuse. Have you confirmed the USB ports on the drive enclosure are still working? It will kill your warranty, but you might try taking the drive out.
  2. I have confirmed that all the USB ports on my laptop are working . Well I purchased a hard drive enclosure. I place the hard drive inside an nothing happened. I think this hard drive is dead. Now I am out the money I paid for this piece of crap seagate freeagent pro. a called around to see how much it would cost to recover the data. It will cost any where from $700 to $2500. I will never buy another seagate product again.
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