Help overclocking celeron e1200

when i overclock 1 mhtz on the fsb (that makes my clock 1604mhz) when i do that my comuter just crashes. the bsod says that one of the threads had been severd in some way but when i try to underclock it it does the same thing it is not a temperature problem because it is is at idle/31 fullload/42 my powersuply is a 600watt atx modular

heres is a link to the psu's voltages and what not.

mobo dg31pr the pll is idt/cv190bpag and it works and the clock on the bottom right of fsb shows an increase but my system just crashes.
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  1. what are your settings that work prior to the 1mhz incr? voltages, fsb, multipliers, etc...?
  2. Are you overclocking from the BIOS or from a Windows-based software?
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