Seagate vs Fujitsu SAS 15k HDs

Comparing SAS 15k HDs, how do they compare (assuming they all are not using fiber)?

i am looking at Seagate's SAS 74Gb 15k5 16Mb cache and at Fujitsu's MAX series (or any series) 74Gb 15k 16Mb cache HDs. I have found some good deals on both manufacturers SAS.

why have the prices come down so far on these two products? i guess the new SAS2 6Gb/s is close to hitting, right?

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  1. Those are older-gen, and honestly would not be the greatest choice. Currently, the fastest 15k are either the Seagate Cheetah 15k.7 or the Seagate Savvio 15k.2 (depending on what kind of workload you put them under - the cheetah usually wins by a hair).
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