8800GT Heat/Fan control crashes HELP!

Hi, I am suffering from system crashes after installing an 8800gt and playing 3d games, I originally thought it was a power issue but I have installed a power supply which is more than enough to meet the cards demands. I have an 8800gt which likes to keep its fan at 30% no matter what. So I am trying to use riva tuner so that it runs 30% in 2d, and all the way to 90% in 3d.. even at 90% the core is 77c under stress test. However, I can only adjust the 3d performance in direct driver fan control.. and this makes the fan run at 90% in 2d as well! This is the same for fixed duty. When I try auto fan control the max temp setting is set at 85c... so the fan only auto runs up to 50-60% leaving the core at 85C.. Is there a way to change the automatic fan profile so that under 3d it will run the fan at 90% and in 2d at 30% automatically?Unless 85c is a safe temperature for hours at load? its a PNY xcerlate card. Thanks.
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  1. Fixed the fan Issue.. System is NOT stable though, the GT core holds at 78C under load (running prime 95 and Furmark), they system restarts after a half hour+ of stress. It was completely stable before installing 8800gt! plz help!
  2. The 8800GT can handle up to 105C I believe. Mine has hit 83C max and it's fine. Although, now it only hits 81C max on CoD2, when the fan increases speed and stays at about 77C during gaming.
  3. Ok, when running prime 95 by itself the system appears stable. When running furmark by itself the system seems stable, when I run both at the same time the system restarts after a half hour or so. Im in desperate need of help. The system was perfectly stable with an Hd 2600xt, Initially I thought my weak PSU was starving the 8800GT card, causing the crashes... but now ive put in a 550 watt dual 18 amp rail PSU.. way more than enough power. my CPU temps aren't exceeding 80c on the card or 50c on the cpu. I just rolled back drivers to older forceware. Please help.
  4. Try replacing the cheap thermal tape on the card with Arctic Silver 5, or better thermal paste**, that dropped my temps slightly on my 8800GT. That's really odd though... I'm running my PNY 8800GT at 650,1625,950 and it hits 72 C in Crysis at most. And 60-65 C in games like CS:S. Your case may not have much airflow, or the card is somehow getting too much voltage. My fan also is only running at 65 % at all times....

    **Make sure you put thermal paste WHERE EVER there was tape, otherwise parts w/o temp sensors may overheat and you might not know.
  5. Im just baffled, during benchmarks/stress test the card is climbing above 83C and the cpu is hitting 80C and causing the system to restart. my ambient temps are high, but I have 4 case fans, I have 2 sucking air in right by the GPU and CPU and one in the rear blowing out, the other is by the HDD's, and this is an improved fan configuration =/ How difficult is it to remove the stock fan on the 8800gt?
  6. The 8800GT is known to fry in ALOT of cases over 70c. It becomes unstable most of the time at 65ish. Its a pile of crap.
  7. The card doesnt appear to be the problem even though its running strangely hot, it appears to be My CPU also. It is idling at 50c and under load getting to 83C+ and crashing the system. I took the side of the case off and had a large fan on high blowing into the case.. this brought down ambient temps and lowered my GPU core from 85 to 76 under stress test... however it did NOTHING to my cpu temp.. NOTHING, im so confused.
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