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I'm trying to upgrade a Dell C521 with a Sempron 1.8 Ghz to an AMD A64 X2 5000+ 2.6G AM2. As I understood it will work in the motherboard. However, the Sempron had a fin heatsink attached to it with a fan set laterally blowing (or pulling) air across the processor and cooling fins. The A64 X2 came with a fan but after I removed the dell processor cover and processor I see there isn't any way to attach a heatsink to the processor seat. There aren't any notches for the retaining clips to attach. WTF? Then even if there were notches there are some capacitors or something in the way which would keep ANY fan from sitting square center on the processor.

The way the original cooling fin contraption is built is that there is a neck on the bottom of the fin that allows the remaining portion of the fin to sit ABOVE the capacitors. What a pain in the ass.

So, my question. Can I use the original cooling fin/fan combo set up on this upgraded processor and will it be enough to keep it cool?

Here's a picture of the board and the capacitors which are in the way and etc.


Here's a picture of the old heatsink: (best I could find) http://support.dell.com/suppor...en/SM_EN/shiner_9.jpg

And here's a picture of the one that came with the new CPU: http://www.pacificgeek.com/pro...s/xl/AMD-AM2-4200.jpg

Many thanks.
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  1. it appears you won't be able to attach the new heatsink, if it is the stock, since it needs the black plastic module that surrounds the processor to hook onto. I will say that it is not recommended to try and just put the heatsink on without the clips. I don't really know what you can do.
  2. DeadDireWolf use your old heatsink and fan on new cpu sense it did work ,clean it and put good thermal compound on the new cpu before clamping down heatsink.you should be able to use that cpu socket which I think its a 478 socket.you can buy a new one latter after get it working.make sure to compound on correctly and you should be fine.hope this helps you out.
  3. Thanks major53.
  4. DeadDireWolf those the old heatsink have a surpression clamp in the middle of the heatsink.to fasten it down.
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