What type of memory does this Acer machine have?

Hi guys,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me out, I purchased this machine today for a pretty cheap price, it will be shipped shortly, it's an AMD Athlon X2 machine.


The specs only list this as having 2GB of memory. Does anyone know what kind of memory this is? I am guessing PC2-5300, but I'm having trouble researching it and I'm still waiting for Acer to get back to me to tell me what type it is, if they even are competent enough to let me know.

Is there any way to verify what type of memory this is visually by opening up the machine and examining the DIMM module to differentiate PC2-4200 vs. PC2-5300 vs. PC2-6400 for example?

Thanks for any help guys
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  1. When you get it, CPU-Z should tell you what memory you have.

    While you are waiting for delivery, go to a memory vendor's web site configurator(like kingston), and enter the pc product code. Look at the compatible parts they recommend as upgrades.
  2. I've been checking all the websites, unfortunately, these websites don't list the model. When I choose a similar model, it gives me multiple PC2-xxxx types of memory. I guess nobody is really sure what it is. I've checked with kingston and crucial. CPU-Z... this looks great, I'll try this out... thank you very much for your help, if this tells me the speed and type of memory, this should be good...

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