Black boot and no monitor output. Need help!


I have an extremely irritating problem with my computer. When I turn the power on, the monitor receives no signal and I dont even get to POST. This happened after changing my graphics-card and CPU-fan.

My current specifications:

MSI K9N 570 Platinum SLI
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.4GHz Socket AM2
Corsair Value S. PC5300 DDR2 2048MB
XFX GeForce 9600GT 650M 1GB GDDR3
NorthQ 4775-500S, ATX 500W Silent, 140mm

I have tried several possible solutions, including switching the memory with Kingston-ram, changing back to my old graphics-card, resetting the CMOS. I have connected the external power for the graphics-card, and my PSU should have no trouble handling it. I am pretty sure the new CPU-fan also is correctly mounted.

Any ideas? Fried motherboard? I have no clue what to do next, all help is very much appreciated!

-- Olav
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  1. Do the fan & lights turn on? If so, the bios may not support the cpu. The easiest solution is bring it to a computer store for a checkup.
  2. Pull the video card and pull all the RAM. Unplug the drives. Basically, unplug everything except the PSU and the case switches. Doublecheck all the power plugs. Doublecheck the HSF installation.

    Try to boot. You should hear long single beeps indicating severe memory problems. If you hear beeps, add memory. Boot. Beeps should change to one long and three short indicating bad video. If you hear beeps, add video.

    Silence at the first step points to PSU, motherboard, CPU, or improper physical installation of components in the case.
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