Want to go SLI but not sure sound card will fit ??? HELP !

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I have an Asus M2N32-deluxe SLI wireless motherboard with 1 EVGA 9800 GTX video card currently. I am wanting to add a second 9800 GTX video card so I can run SLI but because of an onboard sound issue with my board I have to run a sound card. Now for the REAL question. There are 2 other PCI express slots in between the PCI-E slots for the video cards. However, one of them is covered by my current video card since it's a dual slot card. The other PCI express slot is smaller and sits practically touching my current video card. Could I squeeze a PCI express sound card in this slot such as the SB X-Fi Xtreme or X-Fi Titanium Pro cards ?

I read a reply on another forum that said if you run SLI with dual slot video cards you CANNOT run a sound card...just asking if this is in fact true or at least would be in my case ?
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  1. I believe this is your motherboard:

    You can fit a PCI or PCI-e x1 sound card if that's the case. If I were you I'd get the PCI-E x1 card over the PCI sound card though.
  2. yes that's what I want to do BUT as I stated the PCI-E x1 slot is right next to (and I mean RIGHT NEXT TO) my 9800 GTX card and I'm just not sure if there is room for the card. Wanted to run the SB X-Fi Titanium Pro PCI-E sound card but might only have room for the basic X-Fi Xtreme. But if I could at least run that then I could have my external sound + SLI which is what I want.
  3. 6 expansions, odd. That's what you get for going AMD.

    Now, I would not do that myself, even if there is room I'd fear choking the card of air. It's obvious you want the best possible sound card, but I recommend that you find a really nice low-profile one if you insist on going PCI-e 1x, or just a really good PCI one. In my experience graphics mean a lot more than sound does, I'm still running my 5.1 setup off of my 680i integrated Realtek HD audio.
  4. Yea well I've always been a fan of AMD until late. I love this board actually but will be dropping AMD when I upgrade from this board next year. UNTIL then....

    Not really worried about air flow. Granted, the card is small and will have a VERY LARGE video card above it and below it BUT I have an Antec Twelve Hundred case. 6x 120 mm fans and a 200 mm fan on top. CPU cooler is a TUNIQ 120 LFB. One of the 120 mm fans is mounted on a bracket that blows right over the GPU / sound card slots. I regulate all fans (with the exception of the CPU cooler fan) with a Sunbeam Chromatic fan controller. I think the card will be fine IF it fits. Can't do PCI unless I drop my LAN card and go wireless. (which I GUESS is an option) and slot it in that PCI slot. I would run onboard sound but the M2N32 onboard sound has issues. =(
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