dg33tl 24pin connector vs 20pin connector

Hi everyone,

This question may sound dummy but I bought the Intel mobo dg33tl and realize that it use a 2x12-pin connector and a 2x2-pin connector and my powersupply only have a 2x10 and the 2x2 (12v).
The sales person said that it should be ok to connect the 2x10 on the 2x12, and eventualy connect the 2x2.
I've brosed the web to see if this can be done, but no luck.
Could anyone give me some info.

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  1. yes it's called a 20 pin connector and a four pin connector for your info...

    and yes most 24 pin mobos will run with a 20 and a 4.
  2. If the Power supply is strong then its okay to use 20 pin in 24 pin slot
  3. Well the PSU is a 430W...strong enough????
    But the thing is that the mobo has a 4-pin connector near the processor and the 24-pin it's placed somewhere else.
    The mobo's manuals saids to plug the 4-pin (12v, near the processor), so It end up with a 20pin to connect into a 24pin!?!?
  4. BTW. I will use a intel E8500, 2 sata2 drivers (500gb), a sata dvdrw and 4 80mm fans. Will the PSU be capable to deliver enough energy? And later I'll add an decent video card (512mb).
  5. thats right 20 into 24 pin :)
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